Month: February 2021

Grow your Restaurant Business in 2021 with Restaurant Marketing Ideas

Grow your Restaurant Business in 2021 with Restaurant Marketing

Restaurant Marketing Ideas – The only 3 things you need to grow your Restaurant Business in 2021.


How can you grow your restaurant business even during a pandemic?

Well, that is a legit question that needs a legit answer. So please keep reading to find out.

As you may be familiar with, I love to grow restaurants and cafe businesses.

During my career as a pizza chef, I’ve worked in really great spots across the globe.

This allowed me to extrapolate different insider secrets that now I can leverage for our restaurant and cafe clients and that I am also about to share with you.


3 Essential Things that you need to grow your Restaurant & Cafe Business in 2021.

Essentially, to explode your restaurant and cafe business in 2021 you only need the following:

Have great products and excellent customer service.

The only way to reduce the cost of acquiring new clients is to have great food and drinks, along with excellent customer service. The hidden benefit from having this point checked into your restaurant business is that customers will be often inclined to leave bigger tips. This will reduce your staff turnover, hence hiring and training costs.

Have 3 attractive offers in the upsell structure of your restaurant business.

Whenever a customer walks into your doors or orders online for the first time, the greatest thing you can do is to offer them something for free. This will create an insane and impactful wow factor! Also before they leave, give them a second offer incentive that you have personally hand-written on your business card to increase the likelihood of that same customer coming back for the second time in your restaurant or cafe. Once they will be back for that second visit, offer that same customer a third offer incentive before they leave for them to come back a third time.

Assuming that you’ve provided them a great food and service experience, the likelihood to come back for a 4th visit is statistically 70%.

Get exposure on social media to attract new customers and grow your restaurant business.

So far we have been using traditional restaurant marketing to upsell your customers within your business walls, or virtually on online orders. It is now time to use digital marketing for your restaurant business to attract new clients and bring them in.

Do you remember the first free offer in your upsell structure that you are offering to your first-time customers? That is what you must promote everywhere on social media to constantly attract new customers. Then you with your upsell offer structure in place you can proactively prompt multiple visits to increase customer loyalty aka profits.

This is truly what you need to differentiate yourself and gain a massive edge over your competitors.

Do you need more customers for your restaurant or cafe?

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Best B2B Marketing Firm In Vancouver

Local Asset - Internet Marketing Agency in Vancouver Named a Top Business Consultant Firm by Clutch

Local Asset is in the News – Vancouver’s Client Acquisition Agency named a Top B2B Marketing Consulting Firm by Clutch!

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For those who might not know, Clutch uses a special ranking formula to identify key stakeholders in the global arena of business services.
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Then, those thoughts were transcribed and edited for clarity and length and finally published to our Clutch profile along with a star rating.
We’re happy to report we’ve earned an impressive 4.7 out of five stars on Clutch!
That’s why it is very important for us to extend a special round of thanks to our wonderful clients.
Even with their inevitably busy lives, they took time out of their day to engage with a Clutch Business Analyst on a 15-minute call.
Their Business Analyst assessed our impact on a number of parameters and completed the review.
Take a look at our most recent review below:

Local Asset - Digital Marketing Agency in Vancouver named Top Business Consulting Firm
Local Asset – Digital Marketing Agency in Vancouver named Top Business Consulting Firm

Your feedback makes our digital marketing agency stronger.

The best way we can receive your feedback is in the form of Clutch reviews because of how holistic the process is.
Each review is its own case study, where potential clients can see where we shine as a vendor in-depth.
Another place to find information about our services is Clutch’s sister site, The Manifest.
It’s a business data and how-to resource that helps companies compare their options and rank based on metrical performance.

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