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3 Must Use Tools to Boost Online Traffic to Your Business

3 Must-Use Tools to Boost Your Online Presence for Your Business


These are some great stand-alone tools for you to use to drive traffic to your webpage and boost your online presence for your business. If you use them all together, they will work even better and you will have more traffic in no time!

Logo Creator

LogoCreator is a handy, free, and easy-to-use logo design site. Create a professional and distinctive-looking logo in minutes. Import your own photos and images, as well as choosing from a multitude of templates and background colors. Designed for small businesses and entrepreneurs, you do not have to be a design wizard to use it.

Creating a logo for your business will help you stand out to customers. They will be able to recognize you across socials, your website, and in your marketing. Make sure the logo is on everything you create.

Using a free logo creator saves time and money. Some logo designers can be greedy, and often businesses worry that they cant rebrand easily as they don’t want to pay out for a designer again. Using this free site, you can take away that worry and know that you can just use it yourself for free whenever you like.



Taboola is a professional, traffic-driving site. It is used by many companies such as IKEA, Microsoft, BMW, and Pandora. They have the marketing connections to get your business mentioned in a variety of places including MSN, Business Insider, FOX, and USA Today. They advertise that they will help you reach 10X more customers than other ad formats.

Spending money to make money is necessary and sometimes barely navigable. This is a trusted site but might break the bank if a business is too small to start with. It helps to do research first into sites like this, that way you can see who would be best to advertise your business. If you live in the UK, for example, and don’t ship worldwide, Taboola might not be for you.


Page Speed Insight Tool

Google’s Page Speed Insight Tool can help small businesses to look at the analytics of their site traffic and figure out what is optimized, what customers like, and what they can improve. It analyzes the SEO on a webpage and suggests how to make it run faster and work better. It uses real-world feed data and gives you a performance score. Anything between 50- 90 is good. Anything under 50 is poor.

Using analytic tools like this can really help boost traffic to your business. The more optimized your website is, the more people will see it as it climbs the rankings of Google. It also helps to make sure that it is visible on social media sites and that all of your website content is working well for you.

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