ADVERTISING AGENCY SASKATOON Boost Your Social Media Marketing Game to the Next Level

For many companies, organic reach is declining. While some of your content might acquire high engagement rates, other posts might go completely unnoticed by your target audience. Furthermore, social media algorithm updates have made it more challenging to achieve success through organic social media marketing tactics alone.

Not seeing the results you want with your Facebook or Pinterest social media marketing campaign? Fuel your marketing efforts and bring consistent sales from day one with social media advertising.

Social media advertising is also known as social media targeting. It is the process of placing ads on social media platforms to boost your branding and elicit a response from your audience. This response could be to inquire about your products or services, purchase your brand offerings or visit your landing page.

Unlike organic social media marketing, social media advertising focuses on reaching highly targeted audience segments to increase your return on investment (ROI).

Social media advertising positions your brand in front of the right customers at the right time and platform. This social media digital marketing method is vital if you want to reach new, specific demographics fast.


Since 2017, our Saskatoon Advertising Agency has been providing numerous businesses with full-service social media marketing solutions.

Our Saskatoon digital advertising agency utilizes data and analytics to scale up your campaign and achieve your marketing goals.

Choose our social media marketing company and reach more customers.

Advertising Agency Services in Saskatoon Create Compelling Ads That Generate Quantifiable Returns

Social Media Advertising Saskatoon

Approximately 54 percent of online users utilize social media sites to perform product research. Invest social media advertising to improve your brand recognition, increase leads and stay top of mind with your prospects. Our social media marketing experts in Saskatoon can help you determine your target audience, analyze their social media behavior and utilize images, videos and texts to improve your customer reach and lead generation. 

Landing Page Conversion Optimization

Increase the quantity and quality of your leads with help from our pay per click marketing firm. We create strong headlines, utilize high-performing keywords, craft engaging content and place clear calls-to-action (CTAs) on your landing pages. Our Saskatoon Advertising agency integrates SEO with Paid Ads best practices to compel online users to take your desired action.

Saskatoon Ads Management

Partner with our Social Media Marketing Agency in Saskatoon to drive immediate and qualified traffic to your lead generation landing pages . Choose our Advertising company in Saskatoon and get conversion-driven campaigns that fit your budget. We offer affordable paid ads management services on all the major social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Youtube, Pinterest, TitTok, Snapchat and Twitter.

Retargeting Campaigns

Target specific visitor segments and get more cost-effective results from retargeting. Our digital marketing agency in Saskatoon identifies your top-performing campaigns, creates remarketing ads for high-value customers and taps into your audience who have already expressed purchase intent. We set the optimal frequency cap for your remarketing campaigns to limit the number of times your social media ads appear to the same person to reduce your social media marketing expenses.

Ads A/B Split Testing

Our Saskatoon Advertising Agency sets up campaign comparisons to test the effectiveness of your ads. We create different variations of your page elements, such as the layout, image, headline and CTA, to determine which ad version will generate the best results. The split-test results guide our Advertising Agency in Saskatoon to optimize your next paid advertising campaign on social media to boost your sales.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Capture your target audience at the right time and on the right platform to move them to the bottom of your sales funnel. Our Saskatoon Ad Agency writes persuasive social media marketing ads, tests your landing page designs and develops user-friendly lead generation capture forms to boost your Quality Score and conversion rate. Choose our Advertising Agency in Saskatoon and let us help you increase your campaign’s profit without raising your ad spending.

Social Media Marketing Saskatoon Frequently Asked Questions

When selecting an Advertising Agency in Saskatoon that offers affordable Social Media Advertising Services, please ensure that you have checked the list of questions below:

PPC is the acronym for pay-per-click. It’s a digital marketing tactic and it buys web traffic to your website. You, the advertiser, pays a small fee each time one of your ads is clicked on by a user. Search engine advertising is the most popular form of PPC. However, many other platforms such as social media giant, Facebook, now offer PPC ad models. You can promote your company in search results, on websites and across social media platforms. PPC ads can feature text, images and video.

Ads that appear in search results are targeted to meet a specific audience and often earn almost half of all page clicks. Users who click on paid ads are usually ready to make a decision and therefore more likely to buy a product or service by comparison to an organic visitor. With PPC ads, your ads are targeted for the online users searching for your type of business. This can make a significant impact on your bottom line.

The cost of running a PPC ad campaign varies. Different cost factors include your industry type, business type and business size. These will influence the pricing of your PPC ad campaign. Pricing can also be affected by the type of strategy you’re rolling out. However, expect to spend up to $5,000 per month for a small-to-medium company. This price includes both your ad spend and professional services from your chosen PPC agency. You can check our affordable Google Ads Pricing here.

Your PPC costs must be calculated based on your bid, your targeting and your ad quality. The amount of money you’re willing to spend for a user to click on your ad is called your bid. You enter your bid into an ad auction and the highest bidder wins, so you could end up paying less than your bid amount, but never more. Targeting factors include all aspects of your goal, from the keywords you’re ranking for to the demographics of your audience. The more competitively you want to target, the higher the costs. For instance, bidding on a very competitive keyword costs more because it features a higher cost-per-click (CPC). Google also monitors the quality of your ads. If your ad quality is high, you can often maintain lower costs because Google will rank your ad ahead of competitors with low-quality ads. Understanding and accounting for all of these factors are how you determine your PPC budget.

PPC is a flexible online advertising method that lets you create a budget and adjust it at any time necessary.

Most importantly, you can target your ideal audience directly, which is impossible with traditional advertising or digital marketing campaigns. The insights gleaned from the data tracked from PPC campaigns is invaluable because it gives you a better idea of your users’ behavior. Your paid advertising campaigns appear ahead of all organic results in search results, helping you to instantly outrank your competitors and support your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts.