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7 Steps to turn Online Traffic into Clients for your business

Local Asset - Build Your Online System

7 Steps to turn Online Traffic Into Clients for your business.

“There is no point in driving traffic (especially paid traffic) if you don’t have an online system in place to capture leads and turn them into potential clients.”

Why do you need to build your Online Client Acquisition System to Capture Traffic, Generate Leads and Turn Them Into Potential Clients?

⠀ ⠀

The most effective way to generate leads online for your business is to build your system online even before you try to mess around with online traffic.

I speak by experience.

In the beginning, when I first was attempting to gain some traction for my business, I struggled to find people who were interested in the services I was offering.

Even when I found those leads, I didn’t really have a system in place that would make them raise their hands and say ” I’m interested” and I want that for my business as well, nonetheless couldn’t capture and nurture them to have an eventual conversation about my offers.

So if you are a business owner in the modern age, it is very important for you and your business to be online.

EVERY single customer that you have been interacting with until today, can be found online and the same rule applies for your potential customers that are not part of your clientele yet.

With today’s internet technology, you can now reach out to all of those uncharted territories and expand your customer base with just a tap of your finger.

And that’s truly powerful, isn’t it?

Once your system is up and running, you can drive and funnel any kind of online traffic in there to capture and convert your inbound leads into potential clients.

Click here if you want to learn more about driving and funnel traffic ( or people) into your online system.


An Online System is a bunch of online tools and marketing techniques that are working together to achieve something in common that either one or the other couldn’t have achieved on its own.

It’s the concept of the whole being greater than the sum of its parts.

In other words, Online systems are built to supplement and automate the activities of your “offline” business, giving you the opportunity to cater completely to your potential clients, even if they are not aware of your solution yet.

Therefore, with an online system, you’re going to make more money in a mathematical and predictable way because you can track everything that’s going on along the way and tweak it accordingly to make sure that your conversion rates ( the chance to bring the lead into the next step) increase.


To be able to create your system online and generate leads for your business, the following is what you need in place:


A Skill-based business or a product in sale.

( Obviously, you don’t have a business without either of them).

Optimize your Social Media Profiles for business.

( Start with the one where your market is more prevalent).

Promote FREE Offers that are designed to solve a specific problem of your ideal client.

(Funnel people into a premeditated direction of your online system in exchange of some of their information – usually their email).


Create a community online of potential leads through a Facebook Group and/or an Email List.

( Provide value 80% of the times and promote your business in the remaining 20%.)


Bring People Who Are interested over the phone on a discovery call.

(Then if you can help them you can make them a business proposition.)

Implement Automation Tools to save some of your time you need to spend on non-making-money activities.

(Usually admin tasks.)


Now you have the option to plug some paid advertising strategies.

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Carlo Tarallo - Founder & Head of Growth at Local Asset Client Acquisition Agency in Vancouver

Carlo Tarallo

Founder & head of growth

Carlo is an immigrant entrepreneur originally from Rome, Italy. He started Local Asset in early 2017, from a Vancouver Starbucks with a $100 and a crappy laptop. He loves food, people, marketing and commercial real estate. 

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